PINK HOUSE offers programming in 3 different session types:(1) Magenta (Summer Shadowing), (2) Fuchsia (Saturday closed sessions), and (3) Sista-2-Sista ( OPEN to ALL girls in the community). All program sessions will cover a pertinent amount of material, in an effort to give all Young Ladies involved a true representation of the purpose and mission of PINK House and all it has to offer.

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“Magenta” is a summer program PINK House partners with women in the community to create an opportunity for the young ladies to shadow in a structured job setting. Participants commit to a two day prep session before their job shadowing opportunity begins. Job Shadowing can last from 1-7 days depending on the opportunity. There is a culminating ceremony for the young ladies and the women that they shadow. 

“Sista-2-Sista” occurs four times a year in various locations across the New Orleans area. The program is open to all young ladies in the community and designed to bring women and girls together to building healthy relationships through conversations and fun activities. Sista-2-Sista hopes to erase the issues that separate us by embracing those that bring us closer together.  

“Fuchsia” is held in the fall on Saturdays during the regular school year and covers what it means to be Powerful, Invincible, Noble, and Knowledgeable.  Classes begin mid-September and conclude in early December.  Young ladies will meet every Saturday (excluding major holiday weekends) from 9am- 2pm and each session includes lunch. Fuchsia always includes a community building activity that can occur in or out of state.