PINK HOUSE is a personal development academy for girls that will empower them to lead, cultivate and nurture our society tomorrow through powerful enrichment programs today. The mission of PINK House is to provide Young Ladies ages 15-18 with an atmosphere that gives exposure, promotes self appreciation, social responsibility, effective communication and leadership towards the mental and social development necessary to excel in today’s society.

The Concept

At PINK HOUSE, our curriculum centers on proactive interventions, in the early stages, when Young Ladies experience problems. We realize that showing Young Ladies a positive lifestyle alternative, will provide them with the guidance they need to “get on the right path”.Young Ladies armed with higher self esteem and better self awareness, are less likely to fall into risky behaviors that afflict the New Orleans community.



The Company

We offer a four part developmental program to Young Ladies.
The Program will include the following topics:

  • I am POWERFUL because I have a purpose and can change my life myself….
  • I am INVINCIBLE because my mind has no limitations….
  • I am NOBLE because I know that the respect that I earn will pay dividends in my life…
  • I am KNOWLEDGEABLE because I can explore new concepts, ideas and issues…
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